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26 Feb

Manage all WooCommerce Subscriptions fast and easy with Admin Columns Pro

Admin Columns Pro now supports WooCommerce Subscriptions columns. Manage relevant information from WooCommerce Subscriptions in just one WordPress Admin overview page. Manage columns with information about customers, total revenues, product information, order information, stock keeping unit, payment schedules, and more. Just add the desired columns to the overview page and view, sort, search, filter, segment, […]

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10 Feb

Version 5.0 is out

Admin Columns Pro 5.0 is here! 🎉 We added some great new features. Let’s dive right in. Different screen sizes When you add more and more columns to your WordPress list table, you might run out of space on your screen. It becomes a trade-off between making your content more readable and leaving out certain […]

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11 Nov

Upcoming Admin Column Pro Features

We have improved the way your columns look on different screen sizes. When you add more columns to your overview, you might run out of space on your screen. It becomes a trade-off between making your content more readable and leaving out certain columns. That is not ideal of course. In order to overcome this possible limitation by the screen, you can enable Horizontal Scrolling.

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10 May

Bulk Editing feature for WooCommerce

I am glad to announce a major update to our bulk editing feature for WooCommerce. Running a webshop can be very time consuming, especially when you have a lot of products. When you have to update prices and stock regularly, you don’t want to go over each product one-by-one. That’s when bulk editing becomes a life-saver.

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23 Jan

Bulk Edit For Admin Columns

Recently we introduced Smart Filtering for WordPress admin screens. We just crafted the perfect follow-up feature: Bulk Edit. And we think it really is the missing piece in the toolset Admin Columns Pro has to offer. The name of the feature is pretty self-explanatory and this article will tell you how it works and why this is the missing piece.

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17 Apr

Dropping Support for PHP 5.2

Up until now we always kept Admin Columns on par with the minimum WordPress requirements to make our plugin as widely available as possible. We felt this was in line with the WordPress philosophy. But when we found out that the percentage of users with PHP 5.2 (who also keep WordPress up to date) was well below 1% we came to realize something: We have to start closing the gap between modern PHP versions and the minimum WordPress requirements.

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16 Jan

WooCommerce Integration Revisited

Since we first released our WooCommerce integration a few years back, both Admin Columns and WooCommerce have come a long way. We felt it was time to revisit the WooCommerce integration for a partial make-over. The result? Read on and find out! Spoiler: it’s pretty cool.

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