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Columns for every screen, in total there are 398 columns to choose from.


Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing for Admin Columns Pro starts from $49 for one site.
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  • What is Admin Columns?

    Admin Columns is a WordPress plugin that helps you manage and organize columns in the WordPress admin. With Admin Columns you can create beautiful, useful and clear overviews that help you to grasp your content at a glance.

  • Can I use the personal license on a production and development server at once?

    Yes you can, but be aware that you can only activate your license for automatic updates and support on one website.

    If you require automatic updates and support for two or more websites, we recommend upgrading to a higher plan.

  • Will I lose my column settings when I upgrade Admin Columns to the Pro version?

    No, you will not lose your column settings as the Pro version of Admin Columns is built upon the free version. You just get a lot more awesome features in the Pro version.

  • Is Admin Columns GPL


  • When can I start using Admin Columns Pro?

    After purchasing a license for Admin Columns Pro you will receive a download link and license code within a few minutes. Simply follow our 1-minute installation guide and you’re ready to go!

  • Do you have a demo version?

    We have complete faith in the quality of our product. That is why a limited version of Admin Columns is available on It is, in our opinion, the best way to see exactly what Admin Columns can do.

    A large number of our customers loved the functionality offered by the free version of Admin Columns so much that they chose to upgrade to the premium version.

    Our 60 day money back guarantee gives you peace of mind when you do decide to upgrade to Admin Columns Pro.


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Developer Docs