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I first described Admin Columns as an “extreme convenience,” but not quite a necessity. That’s true for the most part, until you get used to using it. Then “necessity” starts to creep into your thoughts on the plugin. I keep finding new ways to spice up column screens. Since we liked Admin Columns so much, we went ahead and bought Admin Columns Pro. The inline editing and column sorting/filtering that Pro adds is SO nice. Not to mention the expanded Advanced Custom Fields functionality. When you have as many custom post types and taxonomies as we do, being able to sort by them (and even edit them right in the column view) IS a necessity! Bravo, developers! Bravo!’

Matt Tyree  –  WordPress User

This plugin is excellent, saves a lot of time and cleans up the Backend. It`s also intuitive and easy to use. The PRO version (for which i bought a developer edition) is worth every penny.

Andi Szekeres  –  WordPress developer

As a plugin developer myself, I find myself always extending the default WordPress list tables to show just a little more information on the overview pages.
This plugin does just that and does it in an amazingly easy way. The developers and I have met on several occasions, I think it is safe to say that they truly care about their product and strive for it to be the best as it possibly can be.
Much needed functionality, great code and a caring & very good group of developers behind it. Just awesome!

Danny van Kooten  –  Founder of Ibericode

I love this plugin! Not only does it give me an easier way to handle one of the more tedious tasks associated with creating custom post types and taxonomies, but it lets me give my clients more control over their editing experience.

Stephanie Leary  –  WordPress Consultant

Great plugin that I put in nearly all client sites. Without this the clutter gets very confusion. Just show the essentials and working the backend becomes much easier for clients.

Henk van den Bor  –  Founder Webtaurus

Great plugin. I’ve used it often and my clients have been very happy with the added columns of information on their screen. Especially useful when setting up new websites, or restructuring information and the Admin needs some tweaking.

Alexandra Giula  –  WordPress user

Admin Columns is one of the first plugins I add to my (and my clients) websites. The learning curve to configure the plugin is simple. You can drag and drop to re-order your columns, you can choose which columns to show on each different post type. The user interface is also easy. I love the new addition of being able to see the percentage that each column is using.

The Pro version provides the opportunity to show even more post type columns and many plugins (like ones for SEO) add column choices too, including premium plugins.

It is great to have everything I need regarding my posts all in one place and readable at a glance without having to open each post.

This is a well written, completely thought out, maintained and trusted plugin.

Kerry Carron  –  Founder Ultimate Solution

We use this (and ended up getting Pro for ACF/WooCommerce support) for our clients a ton. It makes it easier for them to do editing and just get information quickly at a glance, and it makes it easier for us too when there are some changes that need to be done and we need sort/filter functionality.

April Sadowski  –  Graphic Designer

We were looking for this solution for a few clients and now offer it as a option for anyone with a ton of content.
While other admin column developers kick puppies and juggle cats, the team at Admin Columns Pro provided us with top notch support without the dizzying abuse that comes with, well, puppy kicking and cat juggling.

Scott Karabenick  –  WordPress User

I can’t believe I’ve been putting up with a less-than-optimal admin interface for so long!

I bought and installed Admin Columns Pro a couple of hours ago and already it’s making my life SO much easier. No more having to go into each individual WooCommerce product to see my custom fields. Now I can see, filter and edit the fields that matter to me all on the one page.

All I can say is, I wish I’d bought this plugin two years ago, and I’m SO glad I have it now. Thanks for making managing my WooCommerce products effortless and fun 😀

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