Effortlessly sort, filter, edit, and organize content in the WordPress admin

Manage content in WordPress at scale. Add custom columns to the WordPress admin with sorting, filtering and (bulk) editing. Support for hundreds of column types (including WooCommerce, ACF, and Yoast), and even easy export.

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Organise, find and update WordPress content in seconds with Admin Columns. Save time and boost your productivity!

WITHOUT Admin Columns
  • Overviews show little content
  • Limited sorting and filtering
  • Limited search
  • Limited editing
  • Limited export
Admin Columns ENABLED
  • Display relevant content
  • Sort and Filter content
  • Find content quickly
  • Edit content directly
  • Bulk Edit content directly
  • Export content
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Create the Perfect Overview for Your Content

Fully customize your WordPress list table. Add your important content to them by drag and dropping in columns - no coding needed.

Custom Admin Overview for Posts
In this example we added a template, featured image and word count column. You can add any content you like - including custom fields.
Custom Admin Overview for Users
Custom Admin Overview for Media
Custom Admin Overview for WooCommerce Products
The WooCommerce integration allows you to add useful new columns to the Product, Coupon, User and Order overview pages
Custom Admin Overview for Custom Post Types
This a Custom Post Type with its own content. Admin Columns can organise any custom content that WordPress has stored - including custom fields.

Find Any WordPress Content

Searching WordPress content has never been easier. Any content can be sorted, filtered and searched.

Add smart filters to your posts table to easily search your site.

Play Video Learn more about smart filtering

Editing WordPress Content has Never Been Easier

Edit your content without opening each post - directly from the overview.

Inline Editing

Inline editing allows you to quickly change single pieces of content.

Bulk Editing

Bulk editing can update all your content at once.

In this example we are updating the Post Format of 1524 entries in just a few seconds.

Export your WordPress Content to CSV

Create your own custom exports of your WordPress content in a CSV format. You can export a custom selection by filtering and sorting your content first - works on all overviews.

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Just $99 - Includes expert support and updates

Other great Features

Content Management becomes a whole lot easier with Admin Columns Pro

Horizontal Scrolling

With horizontal scrolling there is no limit to the amount of content that fits in a single table.
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Quick Add

Create posts on the fly and start editing right away, without even leaving the list table.
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Conditional Formatting

Transform your WordPress data into actionable insights with Conditional Formatting.
Learn more

File Storage

Share your columns with your team or ship them with your code by saving them to PHP files instead of the database.
Learn more

Saved Filters

Save your applied filters for later use and share them with others.
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User Conditions

Each user can have its own personalised table view. Each view can be set specific to a role or user.
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Admin Columns works great on WordPress Multisite Network. You can customize both the Network Users and Sites table.
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Custom Fields

Custom Fields are fully supported. Display, search, filter, edit and export any custom field data on any list table.
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Advanced Custom Fields

Admin Columns is 100% compatible with ACF and allows you to search, export and edit your custom content like never before.
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Admin Columns can help you greatly improve managing your online WooCommerce shop. Updating and finding products has never been easier.
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Just $99 - Includes expert support and updates


100% compatible with the most popular plugins

Advanced Custom Fields

Admin Columns fully integrates with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). Allowing you to display, bulk edit, filter and search any acf field from within the list table!


We offer a kick-ass add-on for WooCommerce that adds additional WooCommerce columns to your product, order and coupon overview pages so that you have complete control over your online shop.

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More Add-ons...

Meta Box

Create columns that can be edited, searched, exported, and sorted for all your Meta Box fields.


Turn your JetEngine Meta Fields into columns that can be edited, searched, sorted, and exported with our JetEngine integration.


Anything you manage and create with Pods you can manage it more effective with Admin Columns Pro with our Pods integration.

Toolset Types

Effectively Manage Custom Types & Fields. Admin columns integrates beautifully with Types. It has support for all post types and taxonomies.

Gravity Forms

Integrates Gravity Forms with Admin Columns. Display, inline- and bulk-edit, export, smart filter and sort your Gravity Forms Entries.

Yoast SEO

Save time editing your keywords, SEO title and SEO description with our Yoast SEO integration for Admin Columns.

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar integration for Admin Columns helps you to easily manage your events, venues, and organizers.


With the BuddyPress integration for Admin Columns you manage your BuddyPress Users by adding extra columns, such as friends, activity and user profiles.
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Happy Users of Admin Columns

1500+ reviews with a 5 star rating

We recently redesigned our ACF documentation and faced a painful task; Update the categories, content and meta for over 100 posts! Admin Columns Pro is a super intuitive life saver! A few clicks later, we were filtering and editing content directly from the columns! Thanks for saving us from the dreaded hours of loading all those edit pages!
Elliot Condon –  Founder of Advanced Custom Fields
Admin Columns is one of those plugins that you enjoy using and coming up with new use cases for. Excellent both for client work and for personal blogs, it makes it easy to present information in a better way in the WordPress backend. Above all, the plugin is built and supported by a team of talented developers and genuinely good people.
Jean Galea –  Founder WP Mayor
If you want to save more time when building a client's website, just use Admin Columns Pro. It's so easy to add useful filterable columns, you'll regret the old days, coding each column in your theme files. Are you using ACF? So you need to add Admin Columns too, because all your ACF field can easily be added to each of your custom post types pages. Are you using WooCommerce too? What an awesome feature to edit the columns content inline. Did I say "for your client's website"? Let me laugh, I'm using it for my own website Secupress!
Julio Potier –  Founder of SecuPress
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