Video Tutorials

See it for yourself!

Admin Columns Pro has a very broad suite of features that serve you in working fast and efficiently with WordPress. We’ve created some videos to display the power and ease of use.

Luckily WP-tuts created a very nice and complete overview that helps you understand the power of Admin Columns Pro.

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Smart filtering

Smart Filtering for Admin Columns allows you to segment your data by different criteria on the WordPress admin pages.

Advance Custom Fields

Looking for a way to manage your Advanced Custom Fields content in an easy and fast way? Admin Columns Pro displays all ACF fields and its content in one beautiful overview.

Export to CSV

With the export feature of Admin Columns Pro, you can create your own custom exports of your WordPress data in a CSV format. You have complete control over which posts and fields to be included in your custom WordPress export.

Woocommerce price

Bulk edit your prices with no record limit or filter your product to select a set of product for an update. Keep your prices consistent by using the round of feature and save yourself a lot of time.

Getting started

In this video we will explain how to use Admin Columns Pro. We will cover the basics necessary to use Admin Columns Pro and will guide you through each feature of Admin Columns Pro.

Horizontal scrolling

With Admin Columns Pro it is possible to horizontally scroll through your WordPress admin overview pages so you can easily fit a lot of columns to one single overview.

Column sets

Admin Columns Pro allows you to create multiple sets of columns for your post type overviews. In this tutorial we'll show you how you can add a new column set for the Page overview.

Inline Editing

Edit your Wordpress posts without opening them! With inline edit, you can edit your posts directly from your overviews. Want to change the featured image, add tags or edit the title of your post?

Bulk Editing

Bulk Edit is a feature of Admin Columns Pro that allows you to edit multiple items, e.g. posts or users, at once. Inline Edit allows you to update your data directly from the WordPress list table for any post type.

Smart filltering a real estate site

This tutorial will show you how to use Smart Filtering on a WordPress list table on a Real Estate website. Smart filtering will work on any WordPress list table for any post type.

10X Your Productivity In WooCommerce

If you're ready to 10x your productivity in WooCommerce you NEED to watch this video. Admin Columns Pro opens up a massive amount of customisation options for your WooCommerce dashboard in minutes.

Build Powerful JetEngine Dashboard with Admin Columns Pro

Love Crocoblock JetEngine but want to make it EVEN MORE POWERFUL? Me too! Let's look at how we can add Admin Columns Pro to the mix and substantially improve our productivity!

Build The Ultimate WordPress Media Library

Let's turn it from a practically useless part of the WordPress Dashboard to something genuinely functional and robust using Admin Column Pro and a little creativity.