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Lightning Fast Editing

Edit your posts without opening them! With inline edit, you can edit your posts directly from the posts overview. Want to change the featured image, add tags or edit the title of your post? Just click 'inline edit' and you can edit pretty much all of your fields faster than you can say Admin columns.

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It makes it easier for them (our clients) to do editing and just get information quickly at a glance, and it makes it easier for us too when there are some changes that need to be done and we need sort/filter functionality.

Sort columns

Sorting your content

Sometimes you want to sort your posts by length, the amount of comments or the size of the images. While Wordpress only allows you to sort by title, date, comments and author, Admin Columns can sort almost any type of content you want, including comments, users and media.

And the best part is: we store the latest sorted column as your personal preference, so when you come back the content is still sorted just the way you like it.

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When you have as many custom post types and taxonomies as we do, being able to sort by them (and even edit them right in the column view) IS a necessity! Bravo, developers! Bravo!’

Filter on columns

We know how it goes: the more content you add, the harder it gets to find the post or page you are looking for. By filtering you can narrow down your search to those posts you want to see. An indispensable feature if you just want to see posts from last month for example.

You can enable filtering for pretty much any type of content. An easy dropdown menu allows you to select the options you wish to filter. It's fast, easy, and shows you exactly what you want to see.

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This plugin is excellent, saves a lot of time and cleans up the Backend. It`s also intuitive and easy to use, and the PRO version is worth every penny.

Create multiple Column Sets

Is your screen too small to fit all columns for your overview?

With Column Sets you can create different views of your screens in seconds. Decide which columns go into which column set and easily switch between those sets with a drop down.

Limit your columns sets to specific roles or users to make the overview more efficient for specific tasks.

Create multiple Column Sets
Taxonomy columns

Taxonomy columns

If you want to view more content of your terms without opening them one-by-one. Just add a column to your taxonomy overview.

With the ACF add-on you'll also be able to edit all the custom fields right from the overview!

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As a plugin developer myself, I find myself always extending the default WordPress list tables to show just a little more information on the overview pages. This plugin does just that and does it in an amazingly easy way. Much needed functionality, great code and a caring & very good group of developers behind it. Just awesome!

Import and export columns

Import & Export

Easily migrate your column settings

Use the import export feature to:

  • Easily migrate your settings to another domain
  • Save presets so you can switch them for different setups
  • Use them as backups
Multisite columns

Multisite columns

If you have a Multisite it's great too know that all the user columns can also be used for Network Users in a Multisite.

Admin Columns let's you create a custom column setup for each of your subsites!

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