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Find any data with Smart Filtering

We know how it goes: the more content you add, the harder it gets to find the post or page you are looking for. By filtering your content you can narrow down your search to the posts you want to see. An indispensable feature if you just want to find and filter your content efficiently. And our smart filters works with any post type and custom field.

Smart Filter any WordPress content

Quick Edit your content

Edit your posts without opening them. With inline edit, you can edit your posts directly from within the list table. Want to change the featured image, add tags or change a custom field value? Just click 'Inline Edit' and you can edit pretty much all of your fields faster than you can say “Admin columns”.

Quick edit content directly from the list table

Bulk Edit multiple items at once

Did you ever needed to edit a specific field for your posts or users for many items at once? Then look no further because Bulk Edit for Admin Columns is all you need. Use bulk edit in conjunction with filtering to create a selection that can be used to edit many items on the page, without leaving the list table.

Bulk Edit items on the list table

Admin Columns Pro is a super intuitive life saver!

Elliot Condon  –  Founder of Advanced Custom Fields

Sort by any column on the list table

The sorting feature of Admin Columns helps you to sort content on any WordPress list table. It puts your content in a meaningful order and you can sort on any type of content. Whether it’s text, dates, numbers or text and numbers combined, we ensure the results are what you expect them to be.

Sortable columns within the WordPress admin

Export to CSV

With the export feature of Admin Columns, you can create your own custom exports of your WordPress content in a CSV format. You can export a custom selection by filtering and sorting your content first.

Export your posts to CSV

Create column Sets

Did you ever wanted to give specific user roles its own table view with its own column types? Admin Columns allows you to create as many column sets as you like for any purpose. Decide which columns go into which set and easily switch between those sets on the list table page.

Export your posts to CSV

Display custom field data

Custom Fields are a great tool in WordPress to enhance your posts with additional metadata. With Admin Columns you can display any custom data on the posts list table. Having everything you need in a single view!

Display any custom field data on the posts list table.


100% compatible with the most popular plugins

Advanced Custom Fields

Admin Columns fully integrates with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). Allowing you to display, bulk edit, filter and search any acf field from within the list table!


We offer a kick-ass add-on for WooCommerce that adds additional WooCommerce columns to your product, order and coupon overview pages so that you have complete control over your online shop.

More Add-ons...

Meta Box

Create columns that can be edited, searched, exported, and sorted for all your Meta Box fields.


Anything you manage and create with Pods you can manage it more effective with Admin Columns Pro with our Pods integration.


With the BuddyPress integration for Admin Columns you manage your BuddyPress Users by adding extra columns, such as friends, activity and user profiles.

Yoast SEO

Save time editing your keywords, SEO title and SEO description with our Yoast SEO integration for Admin Columns.

Toolset Types

Effectively Manage Custom Types & Fields. Admin columns integrates beautifully with Types. It has support for all post types and taxonomies.

Ninja Forms

The Ninja Forms integration for Admin Columns helps you to easily manage your submissions.

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar integration for Admin Columns helps you to easily manage your events, venues, and organizers.

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Admin Columns Pro works on WordPress Multisites. We have added special columns for Network Users and the Sites page.

Migrate Settings

Easily migrate your column settings from one site to another. Or save your column settings as backups.

Horizontal Scroll

With Admin Columns you can horizontal scroll your table using the scrollbar or by swiping on a tablet or phone.

Over 360+ columns!

We made powerful columns for any type of content, including custom fields.