WooCommerce Bulk Editing Update

I am glad to announce a major update to our bulk editing feature for WooCommerce. Running a webshop can be very time consuming, especially when you have a lot of products. When you have to update prices and stock regularly, you don’t want to go over each product one-by-one. That’s when bulk editing becomes a life-saver. And we just made some nice improvements to our bulk edit feature for WooCommerce.

I’ll jump right in, and show you the improvements we made.


The screen for bulk editing prices got a big overhaul. We added new features to better manage prices. You can now:

  • Increase the price by an exact amount or percentage,
  • Round your prices to any decimal
  • Schedule your sale prices

Watch it in action:



We made it easier to manage stock. You can now easily increase/decrease stock:

Product Attributes

Add or remove attributes in bulk. You can select the attributes you want to add or remove and they will be applied to your selection of products. Both custom attributes and terms are supported.

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