You have products in your store and you would like to have all the information you need in a glance? Use the WooCommerce add-on for Admin Columns Pro to display additional coupon, order or product information. Admin Columns covers pretty much all your WooCommerce column needs! Read more about the features of the WooCommerce Integration.

The WooCommerce add-on adds columns for WooCommerce Product, Orders and Coupons.


Most columns are editable, which means you can edit your product information right from the product overview. You will be saving a lot of time editing your products. You wont’ have to go through each product at the time, because you can use the editable column. Changing any product information couldn’t be easier. And the same goes for orders and coupons 🙂



We covered sorting aswell, most column can be sorted now, even the ones we added.

Product columns

The following WooCommerce product columns are available.

WooCommerce Product Columns Supports sorting? Supports filtering? Supports editing?
Backorders Allowed
Categories Default
Comments Default
Date Default
Image Default
Name Default
Number of orders
Parent Product
Product type
Reviews enabled
Shipping Class
SKU Default
Stock Default
Stock status
Tags Default
Tax Class
Tax Status
Total order amount
Type Default

Order columns

The following WooCommerce order columns are available.

WooCommerce Order Columns Supports sorting? Supports filtering? Supports editing?
Actions Default
Billing Default
Cart Discount
Coupons Used
Customer Message Default
Date Default
Order Default
Order Discount
Order Notes Default
Order Status Default
Payment method
Product Details
Purchased Default
Ship to Default
Shipping Method
Total Default
Transaction ID

Coupon columns

The following WooCommerce coupon columns are available.

WooCommerce Coupon Columns Supports sorting? Supports filtering? Supports editing?
Amount Default
Code Default
Description Default
Excluded products
Expiry date Default
Free shipping
Included products
Maximum amount
Minimum amount
Product IDs
Type Default
Usage Limit Default
Used by (user)

User columns

The following WooCommerce user columns are available.

WooCommerce User Columns Supports sorting?
Coupons Used
Number of orders
Total Sales

Custom Fields

If you are missing a column, you can also try to add it with the Custom Field column. Most WooCommerce data is stored in a custom field. For example if you would like to add the IP address of the customer, you can add it as a custom field column, which is sortable and editable aswell.

Just add a “Custom Field” column and pick your field under “Custom Field”.


Missing a column?

Do you still miss any support for a particular column? Send us an email and we will get back to you.