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Save time managing your Products

Take control over your products with all the tools you need for an up-to-date inventory. Increase sales by shortening your time to market and increasing your flexibility.

  • Display all the information you need
  • Quick search/filter products
  • Save custom product overviews
  • Quick update & Bulk update
  • Price update wizard
  • Product sale wizard

Efficient Order Management

We know how it goes: the more orders you have, the harder it gets to manage them. Let’s make it a whole lot easier!

  • Smart filter orders
  • Bulk & Quick Edit orders
  • Export orders
  • Customize orders dashboard
WooCommerce Order management for great management

Customer Management & Insights

Everything about your customers in a single place. Making it easy for you and your team to find, filter and make updates to your customers. Start managing them with ease!

  • Display customer data you actually need
  • Find customers
  • Make quick changes to customers
  • ..or make changes in bulk
  • Export customers
WooCommerce customer management

Better Product Management for WooCommerce

Find & Filter Products

Keep a clear sight of the updates your products need and prevent getting lost. The more products you add the harder it get’s to keep things organized. Let us lend you a hand.

  • Filter products on any property
  • Save filtered segments
  • Sort products
  • Set sorting and filter defaults
  • Share filtered segment with other users

Quick & Bulk edit products

Update your content quickly using our Inline Edit feature, work directly from the product overview. No need to open individual product pages.

Want to update in bulk? Select the relevant product(s) and attribute(s) that require an update. Update the values and save. Combined with filtering your can easily select the set of records that require an update.

  • No record limit
  • Product properties & attributes
  • Custom data fields
  • Product variations
Bulk edit your Woocommerce products screenshot

Price Update Wizard

Update your prices in the blink of an eye with the pricing wizard.
Combined with filtering you easily select the products that require an update.

  • Increase, Decrease, Set new
  • Update based on a percentage or a fixed value
  • Optional rounding
Woocommerce price update wizard screenshot

Sale Wizard

Got a sale coming up use the Sale Wizard for quick sale configuration.

  • Set sale prices based on regular prices or new prices
  • Update prices based on a percentage or a fixed value
  • Optional Decimals rounding
  • Optional Sale scheduling

Got an active sale that’s running out of control? Easily clear all Sale prices to end your sale.

Woocommerce sale update wizard screenshot

Customize Products Dashboard

With the Admin Columns WooCommerce add-on, you have all the crucial information at hand.

  • Display ‘Product attributes’, ‘Stock status’, or any (product) information to your overview
  • Hide unused product information, like ‘Featured’ or ‘Date’ to keep your overview clear
  • Change the column width
  • Hide default WordPress clutter you don’t need

You get the keys to start working with WooCommerce the way you want. Are you selling digital products? Hide the product information related to physical products.

WooCommmerce product attributes screenshot

Create multiple overviews

You probably have your own workflow for how you manage your products. Save your column sets tailored to your need/task.
E.g. Adding products requires different columns than handling your stock or improving your SEO.

Save your filters for easy access to your products for example: “High turnover products”, “Low on stock”, “Discounted” or “No image”. Got your personal filters, no problem filters can be public or private.

WooCommerce filter your data screenshot

Admin Columns PRO version makes working with WooCommerce a breeze.

Perchpole  –  WordPress User

Efficient Order Management for WooCommerce

Filter & Segment Orders

The perfect orders dashboard. Find orders quick and easy!

  • Filter orders on any property
  • Save filtered segments
  • Sort orders
  • Set sorting and filter defaults
  • Share filtered segment with other users
WooCommerce Product filters

Easily Process Orders

Easily handle your orders from a single overview, with easy access to your order notes.
Available soon.

  • Direct insight in your latest note
  • Easily update your notes
  • Filter on relevant notes
Screencapture of a customer note in WooCommerce

Better Customer Insights for WooCommerce

Export Customers to CSV

The reason to export customers is usually the need to import them into other software that is not connected with WordPress. Instantly export your data in CSV. CSV (Comma-separated values) is one of the most well-supported ways to export data. Slice and dice your data by filtering your data before exporting.

Export WooCommerce customers

Quick and Bulk edit customers

Easily update your customer attributes to make sure that your customer base is up-to-date. Whether you make your changes in bulk or with the inline editor you will save yourself a lot of time.