July 8, 2022
3.7.3 Fixed
  • Smart Filtering for the Payment Method column did not work anymore
  • Added more columns to the Subscription list table
July 4, 2022
3.7.2 Fixed
  • The Product Sorting mode in WooCommerce is not stored as a sorting preference anymore
  • Product sorting did not work correctly when Sticky Headers is active
  • The Payment Method column now always shows the gateways
  • You can now select the Order Status for the 'Orders' column on the User overview
April 19, 2022
3.7.1 Added
  • Export for Tax column on the Orders page
  • New hook to change the decimals for rounding price calculations during editing `acp/wc/editing/price/rounding_decimals`
  • UI improvements for WooCommerce specific overview pages
  • Price calculations during editing are now rounded by 2 decimals by default.
March 23, 2022
3.7 Improved
  • Bulk Editing improved (add/remove) for the Product Columns: Cross Sells, Uppsells
  • Bulk Editing improved (add/remove) for the Coupon Columns: Include/exclude Products, Include/exclude Product categories
  • Order Notes column is now searchable and editable
  • Sales column added for Product Variations
  • Requires Admin Columns Pro 5.7
October 27, 2021
3.6.1 Improved
  • Allow to add and remove attributes with Bulk Edit for the Product Attribute column (Taxonomy attributes only)
  • More Display options for the Shipping Method column (Shipping method label and ID)
  • More Display options for the Customer column on the Shop Order list table
September 21, 2021
3.6 Added
  • The order Totals column is now separated into different columns: Refunds, Paid amount, Tax, Shipping costs
  • Quick Add support for Products and Coupons
  • The (new) Refund column is now filterable
  • The Product Sales column now only show the number of items sold for completed orders. It is possible to change the order statuses with this hook `acp/wc/column/product/sales/statuses`
  • Refactor editing to make compatible with Admin Columns Pro 5.6
April 19, 2021
3.5.10 Added
  • Smart Filtering for the Product Order Count column
  • Smart Filtering for the Low on Stock column
  • The description for Product variations can now be sorted and filtered.
  • Searching on SKU for the Product column on the Orders page did not work correctly
  • New icon for Variations in the Action column (Icons only)
March 2, 2021
3.5.9 Fixed
  • Compatibility issue with Admin Columns 5.4.3
March 1, 2021
3.5.8 Updated
  • WooCommerce tested up to 5.0.0
January 27, 2021
3.5.7 Added
  • Product Variation column: Tax Class
  • Product Variation column: Shipping Class
  • Default Form Values column
  • Correct export for the First and Last Order column on the User list page
  • Make it possible to set a Shipping Class with editing when there is not yet a class set
  • Smart Filtering for the column Coupons Used did not work correctly
  • Smart Filtering drop-down box now searches correctly for the Product Taxonomy column on the Product Variation list table
December 16, 2020
3.5.6 Fixed
  • The customer column gave an error since the last update
  • Smart Filtering for product variation works now for taxonomy attributes
December 15, 2020
3.5.5 Changed
  • Leave the scheduled date the same if it is not selected during editing the (Sales) Price
  • The 'Link to' setting for the Customer column does now link to the correct page
  • Show all records for users in the Orders column
October 28, 2020
3.5.4 Added
  • New Smart Filtering support for the Total Sales column on the User list table
  • New Sorting and Smart Filtering support for the Total Order Weight column on the Order list table
  • Check for existing product in the Total Order Weight column to prevent a possible error
  • It is now possible to choose the order status for the Order Count column for Users
  • The 'Full Name' display option was added to Shop Order Address columns
October 5, 2020
3.5.3 Added
  • It's now possible to display the last order note instead of only the note count
  • The stock and sale price column for products are now sortable
  • The attributes column for products is now sortable when the attribute is a taxonomy
  • We added an attributes column for product variations and its filterable
  • The first order column for the User list table gave an error when the first order date could not be determined
  • Smart filtering the Orders page on country for the shipping address column now lists countries correctly
  • Smart filtering the Orders page on product did not list products that were missing a SKU
  • Searching for products is faster when using the select2 menu in smart filtering or inline/bulk edit
August 31, 2020
3.5.2 Added
  • Sorting support for Customer column on the order overview page
  • Bulk Editing for Shipping Class
  • Bulk Editing for Product Type did not work
  • Export for User Orders column
  • Setting a flat price of '0' for Sales prices, removes the sales price
  • Show the current site currency symbol for the price editing modal
  • Requires Admin Columns Pro 5.3
July 21, 2020
3.5.1 Added
  • New columns for Order overview: Product Tags, Is Customer
  • New column for Product Variation overview: Product Taxonomy
  • Disabled Quick Add for Product overview
  • Better display for Purchased (orders) column
  • The SKU and Stock column for product variations are now sortable.
June 9, 2020
3.5 Added
  • Added a new smart filter that can filter users that bought a specific product
  • Added a new smart filter that can filter orders by product category
  • Performance improvements when sorting products by "Type", "Variation", "Customers", "Visibility", "Backorders Allowed", "Dimensions"
  • Performance improvements when sorting orders by "Date Created" and "Date Modified"
  • Performance improvements when sorting users by "Products" and "Orders"
  • You can now hide default WooCommerce filters, such as "Registered Customer", "Product Category" and "Stock status"
  • You can now set the number of visible products for the "Products column on the orders table
  • The function `get_edit_post_link` will correctly link variation products to their parent product
  • Sorting orders by "Customer Since" did not sort descending
  • We renamed all `Numeric` classes to `Number` to comply with the reserved keywords for PHP 7
  • Requires Admin Columns Pro 5.2
April 17, 2020
3.4.2 Added
  • New Menu Order column for Product Variations that represents the order inside the product
  • Search on Product count for the Purchased column (Orders)
  • Search on Product for the Product Details column (Orders)
  • Export the product count for Product Details column (Orders)
  • It's now possible to search on an order that doesn't have a specific product (has not)
  • Null error during an export on Product Sales column
  • Product date value was empty when exporting
March 30, 2020
3.4.1 Improved
  • Add Quantity to Order Items column (subscriptions)
  • Requires Admin Columns Pro 5.1
February 26, 2020
3.4 Added
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions support
  • New Date search operators: more/les than x days ago, is within x days
  • Hook to disable ACP product variation overview `acp/wc/show_product_variations`
November 12, 2019
3.3.8 Fixed
  • SQL error for Product Sales column
  • Null Object fatal error on Last Order column
  • Export models for Product Variation columns
October 16, 2019
3.3.7 Improved
  • Coupon Used column now checks for WC 3.7 support
  • Keep zeroes when entering prices in Inline Editing
  • use wc_get_order() instead of instantiate the WC_Order directly
  • use the 'codepress-admin-columns' text-domain for Variation Post Type
August 27, 2019
3.3.6 Added
  • Smart Filtering for user country
  • Code fixes and improvements
  • Updated deprecated methods
  • Requires Admin Columns Pro 4.7.1
August 20, 2019
3.3.5 Updated
  • Tested with WooCommerce 3.7
August 5, 2019
3.3.4 Added
  • Product Column: Low On Stock
  • Product Variation Column: Shipping Class
  • Smart Filtering support for Number of Orders column (Users)
  • Display of Variable Product Sales price
  • Product Type display and improved editing
  • Smart Filtering support for Product Variation Stock column (works on manage stock on variation level only)
  • Possible Null Exception on Order Date
May 10, 2019
3.3.3 Improved
  • New editing interface for Price and Stock column for bulk and inline edit
  • Better export value for Product Variation Title
  • Sale column will display the sale price and has an improved icon for a scheduled sale
  • Attribute (term) for products was not sorting properly when it was the first assigned term
March 26, 2019
3.3.2 Important
  • Made compatible with Admin Columns 4.5.6
  • Product Type Editing
  • Product Attribute Editing
February 13, 2019
3.3.1 Improved
  • Smart Filtering for SKU on Variation overview
  • Smart Filtering for Products on Variation overview
  • Catalog visibility filtering improved with drop down
January 24, 2019
3.3 Added
  • Bulk Edit
  • Editing and Smart Filtering support for Product Category Image column
  • Order Note column
October 31, 2018
3.2 New
  • Added Smart Filtering. You can now smart filter your products and orders.
September 10, 2018
3.1.3 Fixed
  • Stock Status editable fixed (now uses the stock editing model)
  • Hide prefix metadata for Order Product Details column
June 29, 2018
3.1.2 Fixed
  • Export for Product Dimensions fixed
June 27, 2018
3.1.1 Improved
  • Do not load integration if WooCommerce v2 is active
June 26, 2018
3.1 Improved
  • Filtering on product categories on the order overview, now also includes hidden products
  • Click on order row to open edit screen now also works when the WC Order column is not available
  • Removed duplicate entries when filtering on Product type columns on Order overview page
  • Dropped WooCommerce v2.* support
  • Dropped PHP 5.2 support
  • Sales column now works with the correct DB prefix
May 15, 2018
3.0.7 Added
  • Order column: Product Categories
  • Placeholder added for User Address column
April 23, 2018
3.0.6 Fixed
  • Filtering on Order - Product SKU works again
  • Filtering for Order - Product column improved. Choose if variable products must be included or not
April 4, 2018
3.0.4 Added
  • User column: Address
  • New display property for Orders - User column: Total Sales / Life Time Value
  • Better variation support for Order Product column
  • Column width for order screen now works as expected
3.0.5 Fixed
  • Export for Total Sales column fixed
March 13, 2018
3.0.3 Added
  • Filtering re-added for Customer - Roles column
  • Export model for Order Date column
  • Order column: Reintroduced the old Status icon column (WooCommerce < 3.3)
  • Product column: Sales (shows the total sales for a specific product)
  • Coupon column: Limit (shows the coupon or user limit for a coupon)
  • Coupon Usage / Limit column now sorts on Usage instead of limit which makes more sense
  • Customer Column was not working as expected for some display options
  • Clicking the inline edit pencil after just activating inline edit prevents from triggering the WC row click event
  • Requires Admin Columns Pro 4.2.4
February 1, 2018
3.0.2 Added
  • Added additional post columns ( date, author, actions, slug, status )
  • Convert default columns from 3.2.6 to default columns 3.3.x
January 29, 2018
3.0.1 Fixed
  • Disable Variations support until WooCommerce 3.3
  • Product column: Average Order Interval
  • Product column: Average Rating
  • Product column: Coupons
  • Product column: Download
  • Product column: Customers who bought this product
  • Product column: Grouped Products
  • Product column: Menu Order
  • Product column: Parent Group
  • Product column: Purchase Note
  • Product column: Reviews
  • Product column: Sale
  • Product column: Short Description
  • Product column: Sold Individually
  • Order column: Billing Address
  • Order column: Currency
  • Order column: Customer Note with icon or text
  • Order column: Customer IP, shows the IP Address or IP Country code
  • Order column: Downloads
  • Order column: Totals
  • User column: Customer Since
  • User column: Ratings
  • User column: Reviews
  • User column: Products bought by this customer
  • User column: First Order
  • User column: Last Order
  • Coupon column: Product Categories
  • Coupon column: Exclude Product Categories
  • Comments column: Rating
  • Comments column: Product Review
  • Product Type now also shows 'Downloadable' and 'Virtual' type
  • Renamed Product 'Number of orders' column to 'Orders'
  • Renamed Product 'Total order amount' column to 'Total Revenue'
  • Renamed Product 'Visibility' column to 'Catalog visibility'
  • Renamed User 'Total Sales' column to 'Lifetime Value'
December 12, 2017
2.2.1 Improved
  • export for some WooCommerce columns
November 22, 2017
2.2 Added
  • Added Exporting
  • WooCommerce Email Restrictions Column added
  • Filtering for Product Visibility Column
  • Don't show the attribute label for single WooCommerce attribute columns
  • Enabled select2 on the WooCommerce Orders page
October 2, 2017
2.1.5 Added
  • New improved column for Description
  • Deprecated error in Product Details column (Order overview)
  • Made Ajax columns compatible with latest fix in Core
July 26, 2017
2.1.4 Added
  • Subtotal column for orders added
  • Removed the parent column for WooCommerce v3
  • Check for main query for specific filter functions
  • Meta changes
  • Changed access to from private to protected in Variations column to make extending more useful
May 23, 2017
2.1.3 Fixed
  • WooCommerce featured product column editing, sorting and filtering improved
May 3, 2017
2.1.2 Fixed
  • Sorting for coupon type
April 26, 2017
2.1.1 Important
  • Made compatible with WooCommerce 3
  • Made compatible with Admin Columns 4.0.3
  • Reintroduced an improved WooCommerce purchased column
  • Product Custom Field column on Order overview now works as expected
  • Product variation column now uses Ajax to get the variations (performance improvement)
April 4, 2017
2.0 Important
  • Only compatible with Admin Columns Pro 4.0
  • New column for Orders: Customer Role
  • New column for Coupons: Maximum amount
  • Values for WooCommerce Taxonomy and Category columns can now be cleared
  • Autoloader added
  • Moved all WooCommerce methods from Admin Columns Pro to the WooCommerce addon
  • This addon now requires Admin Column Pro 4 or greater to function
  • WooCommerce addon now contains their own xEditable templates
  • Each WooCommerce column now has it's own class for sorting, editing and filtering.
March 16, 2016
1.4 Added
  • Added Tax Status column for products with support for filtering
  • Added Tax Class column for products with support for filtering
  • Added Shipping method column for orders with support for filtering
  • Added filtering support for “Reviews enabled” column
  • Added filtering support for “Shipping method” column
  • Added Product detail column for orders
  • Changed groupnames for upcoming plugin release
  • Default WooCommerce columns are not clonable
  • Discount columns fixed
  • Changed status icons with dashicons
January 21, 2016
1.3.2 Added
  • Broken support for WooCommerce < 2.3
  • Minimized the number of strings that needs translating
  • Script loading is improved
November 26, 2015
1.3.1 Added
  • Added a Product column for Order screen which can display Title, ID, SKU or Thumbnails
  • Added an Attributes column for product screen which can display any attribute
  • Replaced deprecated method get_product with wc_get_product
October 13, 2015
1.3 Added
  • Variation column: displays variations properties such as price and stock
  • Order column for Users: displays order ID’s with edit link. On hover it shows price, date and item count
  • Total Sales column for Users: displays the total sales per user per currency
  • Subscription Expiration Date column for Users which can be sorted
  • Translations will be loaded from pro version
May 4, 2015
1.2 Added
  • Added product column: shipping class (editable, sortable, filterable )
  • Added product column: visibility (editable, sortable, filterable )
  • Added product column: featured (editable, sortable, filterable )
  • Products, Coupons and Order will be in it’s own menu group inside the admin columns menu
  • Fixed error when using Weight column
  • Added languages folder and po file
March 2, 2015
1.1 Added
  • Added product upsells column, displaying all upsells for a product (editable)
  • Added product cross sells column, displaying all cross sells for a product (editable)
  • Added coupon amount column, displaying the amount or percentage of discount for a column (editable, sortable)
  • Added column for displaying whether a coupon is applide before or after tax (editable, sortable, filterable)
  • Added coupon include products column, displaying to which products the coupon can be applied (editable)
  • Added coupon exclude products column, displaying to which products the coupon cannot be applied (editable)
  • Added coupon free shipping column, displaying whether a coupon provides free shipping (editable, sortable, filterable)
  • Added coupon minimum amount column, displaying the minimum order amount necessary for a coupon to be applied (editable)
  • Coupon description column: added editability and sortability
  • Coupon type column: added editability and sortability
  • Coupon usage column: added editability
  • Order status column: added editability
  • Removed column “Order cart discount”, use “order discount”.
  • Handle default WooCommerce columns without changing the column name
  • Implement SKU as default column
  • Add base for tooltips for stock status column
  • Changed product group to ‘Default’ and ‘WooCommerce Custom’
  • Make product name column editable
January 6, 2015
1.0.1 Added
  • Added Shop Order column: Product Thumbnails
July 9, 2014
  • Initial release