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Save time editing Yoast SEO fields

Apr 8, 2016 | 2 Comments

When it comes to SEO, WordPress is one of the best content management systems there is. Together with the Yoast SEO plugin and the inline edit support for Admin Columns Pro, you have everything you need to make your posts, pages and custom post types optimized for search engines in no time.

In our experience, we see that a lot of SEO optimizing is done after a new website is filled with initial content provided by the content editors. Yoast SEO comes with four useful columns for the posts overviews like Title, description, Focus Keyword and the SEO Rating based on your focus keyword and the content of the page. This gives you a great overview of your general SEO status for your posts or pages. But to change the focus keywords or just the SEO title of some posts, you have to go to each edit screen of the posts you want to edit and this can be a time-consuming job.

Fortunately Admin Columns Pro comes with inline edit support for all the Yoast columns. This makes it extremely easy and fast to edit the fields just from the post overview without going to the edit screen. And now that we support multiple Admin Column Setups for your posts since our 3.8 release, we at Admin Columns often create a set just for SEO purposes which has all the necessary fields to optimize posts and pages.

Example of an SEO column set

Here’s an example of a clean column set that we use for some of our customers and for our own Admin Columns website. As you can see we have all Yoast columns together with the title and slug columns added to the page, all with inline edit support.

Posts Overview of Yoast SEO Columns with inline editing enabled