Create multiple column sets

With Column Sets it’s possible to create multiple columns presets for your posts (page, user etc.) screens. You’re no longer bound by one column screen, you can create as many as you like. Switching is real easy, each column set will be available to your users from a dropdown menu on the posts screen.


  1. Add a new Column Set
    Click the “Add set” to start a new column set. Give your column set a name and click “Add”.

    Step 1: Add a new Column Set
  2. Add or remove columns
    Once your set is created you can add or remove any column and they will be stored to your column set once you click “update” on the top right.
  3. Select a column set
    If you have created multiple column sets you can switch between them from the column sets menu on the top or from the sidebar by clicking on “select”. The selected set will be bold (top menu) and highlighted blue (in the sidebar).switch between column sets
  4. Optionally you can assign a User or Roles to your set
    By assigning users (or roles), the user will now be able to select this column set from the posts (or any content type) screen. With multiple column sets assigned to user, they can switch between sets from the posts screen by using the dropdown menu.By leaving the user and roles fields empty; the column set will be available to all users.
  5. Edit settings of a column set
    Open the settings of a column set by clicking on the arrow next to the name. This will open the settings from where you can change the column set’s name or assigned users and roles.edit a column set
  6. Delete a column set
    Click on “delete” below the column set name from the right sidebar.delete a column set
  7. Switch sets on the overview
    Each created column set will be available on the posts screen through a dropdown menu. By selecting a set from the dropdown menu you can switch between each set. The last selected column set will be stored as your personal default.Only column sets that have been assigned to you or your role will be available. If there is only one set available it will be loaded without displaying a dropdown menu.switch between column sets


In this clip we are creating a new column set “My Personal Column Set” and assigning the “Administrator” role. On the posts screen you can see how a user can switch between each column set.