Export Your Content To CSV

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This cool feature of Admin Columns Pro lets you export your data to CSV. It allows you to gather your data from your WordPress install and easily use it in another system or as a backup.

What You See Is What You Export

This feature works like the WordPress editor: what you see, is what you get. It exports only what’s on your screen. Choose which columns you would like to see in your export and use filtering to get the content that you need. Sorting is applied as well. And it’ really easy to use! Enable export from the “screen options”, press the export button and your content will be exported to a CSV. Done.

Export to CSV process
Exporting your content in a single click

What About Images Or HTML?

We export the data the same as it is on your screen, but we added some cleverness. For example, your featured images will export the image URL, not an actual image. We designed all our columns to apply the logic and create sensible data. Try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Enable CSV export
Export is enabled with a single click from the Screen Options

CSV as Default Format

CSV is a commonly accepted format for many systems and as a result, your data is now compatible with a ton of systems. MailChimp, most bookkeeping software, Excel; they all read in CSV data just fine. In the future, we might choose to support other formats like JSON or XML. Really want that? Drop us a line! We would love to hear what format you need and why.

Consider Column Sets

It’s common that the content you want to export looks a little different than the content you want on your screen. Therefore it can be really handy to use Column Sets (also a nifty feature of Admin Columns Pro). This feature allows you to group columns that are relevant together and switch between those groups. Create a group that is optimized for exporting your content and one for viewing. For example, you might want to create a simple export for a mailing list. It would only need the users first name and email addresses. Not a very handy thing for your screen, but great to use with export!