Column Sets

Get Admin Columns Now

With Columns Sets you can group columns together. Too many columns for your screen? Need different columns when performing a certain task? Column Sets is designed to solve this by allowing you to group columns together and switch between groups in a matter of seconds.

Once you have set up Column Sets, switching between groups is done by clicking on the group you want to see. It will remember which group you viewed last.

Create New Views on Your Data

Column Sets lets you create as many groups as you want. Have a lot of columns on your screen, but use only a few all the time? Divide and conquer.

Whether it is because you have to perform a different task, want to see everything or show less information on screen: Column Sets allows you to easily create the perfect layout for your data.

Apply Conditionals to Your Column Sets

Columns that are meaningful to you, might not be meaningful to other users. You can use Column Sets to control what columns users can or cannot see. Conditionals can be applied to a single user, multiple users or user roles such as “Editor” or “Author”.

Create a Column Set for specific users or roles

Try out Something New

Column Sets can be used try new layouts of your data. When you create a new group, you can start fresh or copy an existing group and edit it to create something unique. This makes it easy to try out different settings, new columns or… why not something entirely different?


Horizontal Scrolling

Be sure to check out our horizontal scrolling feature too. If fitting many columns on your screen is your primary challenge, Horizontal Scrolling is made especially to solve just that. Of course you can use both Horizontal Scrolling and Column Sets. It’s up to you :)


Eager to get started? Watch our short instructions video on “how to create column sets for WordPress”.