User Columns for WordPress

Below, you can find the complete list of added columns for the WordPress users overview admin screen.


Users Columns Sorting
These columns supports sorting
These columns supports filtering
These columns supports inline edit

Actions Column

The actions column will display the action bar that would normally display when you hover the row. There is the option to show a text link or icons.

Actions column

This column will hide the original action bar that is added to the primary column, usually the first column.

Comment Count
First Name
Last Name

Menu Column

The menu column displays all the menus that contain that page, post or category. Each item links to that particular menu for easy access.

Menu Column

You can add or remove pages from a menu directly from the overview. You no longer have to go to each menu and search for that particular page, you can just change menu right from the page overview. This can be a great time saver when you are using menus.

Post Count
Registered Date
Visual Editor
Custom Field
Advanced Custom Fields

Do you use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin? Then we have the perfect integration for you. With our ACF Column, you can add any field, like text or an image, to your overview screen.

Custom Field

This column can display any type of custom field content. Read more about the Custom Field column.


Already using the popular Pods plugin? Then we have the perfect integration for you. With our Pods integration, you can add any Pods field to your overview screen.

Toolset Types

Using the Toolset Types plugin? Admin columns integrates beautifully with Toolset Types. It has support for all post types and taxonomies. It also supports all types fields including posts, terms, users, and repeating fields. Learn more about our Toolset Types integration.


Managing a website with the popular BuddyPress plugin? With our BuddyPress integration you can easily analyse your use profile information. For example find the group an user is in, how many friends does the user have, when was he/she last seen on the website.

Or maybe you just want to display and edit the extended profile information right from the User overview page.

Are you interested in these features for BuddyPress? Then have a look at all feature for the BuddyPress integration for Admin Columns.

Tip Network Users are also supported when you are running a multisite.