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Release 5.6: Introducing a new look and feel

Sep 24, 2021

In the 5.6 update, we’ve worked on a lot of changes under the hood. These changes might not be too obvious but we’ll try to explain them in the blog. The change that is obvious is the new look and feel and we’re very happy about it.

New look and feel

Printscreen of the new look and feel for Admin Columns 5.6

At a first glance, the redesign of the navigation is the main change. We’ve gone through a number of smaller options/settings and cleaned up the options that weren’t used much. We’ve looked at ways to optimise the screen real estate and after testing, we’ve managed to make great improvements. These changes help when you’re working with large screens. At the same time, we’ve optimised how the settings are shown for the smaller screens. So there’s something to like for everyone.

Calculations on numeric values – Bulk Edit

Screenshot of the new Calculation option for Admin Columns Pro.

When bulk editing a numeric column you can now update the value based on the existing value. If you need to add, subtract, multiply or divide an existing value you can now do it in bulk. If you want to replace the values that option is still available too.

Smart filter based on current user

Print screen of the new 'is current user' operator.

When using smart filtering on user-related columns one of the most common filters values is the existing user. So your name is “John Doe” you’d have to enter that value and if it’s a Column Set you’d have to create a set for every user. Those days are gone! We’ve added the ‘is current’ user operator. This is a dynamic operator, so when you use it on a column set the results are tailored to the specific user.

‘Has term’ column

Screenshot of the has term functionality

This one is a bit harder to explain, but let me try. When you’ve got a very specific tag, category, or for example a product variance you might want to be able to see if it’s a specific type at a glance. For example, if you sell books, you want to see if there’s an e-book available. When scrolling through your list table you can easily see which books have an e-book version and which do not.

What’s next?

We’re currently working on an integration for JetEngine, which we expect to be available in our next release. Sit tight we’ll let you know when we’ve got everything ready.

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