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Admin Columns Pro 4.1.1

Dec 13, 2017

In this release we improved our export feature and made all our integration add-ons work with our export feature. We also introduced two new columns for Types and made some small improvements to the user interface of our product.

Better Export Support

In Admin Columns Pro 4.1 we released our new Export feature which allows you to export your overview pages to CSV. We also released new versions of the ACF and WooCommerce integrations to support this new feature. Although Export already worked for most of our columns in our other integrations, this release we took a closer look at all columns in our integrations to improve the exported value. Some notable improvements we made to the Export feature:

  • Date columns now export as ISO-8601 format
  • Relational custom fields now export the relational info like the Title or Username instead of the ID
  • Export for the integrations of Types, Pods, BuddyPress and the Events Calendar

New Date Time Editing

In 4.1 we introduced the new Date Time inline edit support, but it was implemented for just a few columns. In this release, we made sure that all candidate columns support Date Time inline editing.

Parent / Child Support for Toolset Types

With Toolset Types, it is possible to create one-to-many relationships between post types. In the new release of our Toolset Types integration, we’ve added two new columns to support this feature of Toolset Types.

The new ‘Toolset Types – Parent’ column allows you to display the parent post of a child post. This column allows you to change the parent post, right from the overview page.

The new ‘Toolset Types – Children’ column displays all the posts that have this specific post as a parent. If a post type can have multiple post types as children, then you’ll have to select the child post type you want to show. By enabling inline edit for this column, you can easily add new children to your post, right from the overview.

Column settings for Toolset Types

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