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Admin Columns Pro 3.5 – New WooCommerce columns, filtering & sorting for users & comments, width slider and more

May 4, 2015

Admin Columns 3.5 has just been released! This brand new release focuses on filtering for users and comments and on WooCommerce support. Furthermore, we’ve added quite a few display options to existing column, allowing you to take more control over your columns. Of course, we’ve also made many small improvements to Admin Columns to ensure an even better user experience.

Comment, Media & User Filtering

Just about all columns for media,  users and comments now support filtering and sorting. This allows you to get a good overview of your users and comments, and quickly you find the content you need. For example, you can now find all comments for a certain post or sort users based on the number of comments they’ve placed!

Improved sorting for Users

Admin Columns 3.5 allows you to sort and filter users and comments. The example above shows users sorted by a custom field of the “Checkbox” type!

Find out more about all the supported columns.

Take control of your column layout

Up until Admin Columns 3.5, you could set the width of your columns using the width slider. However, only percentages were supported. Admin Columns now supports absolute column widths in pixels, and conveniently shows the width of the column header in the settings screen.


Set the column width in pixels or percentages

New WooCommerce columns

We’ve also added an editable shipping class column, a product visibility and a featured product column to WooCommerce in the new release version of the WooCommerce add-on.

Advanced Custom Fields for Comments

The ACF add-on already provided integration for posts and users, and it does so for comments now as well!

Advanced Custom Fields columns works for Posts, Media, Users and Comments

Filtering and sorting for WooCommerce

WooCommerce columns now support sorting and filtering. Sort by price, whether a product supports reviews and just about every other WooCommerce column. This goes for WooCommerce orders as well!

Editable comment columns

Comments are now directly editable, straight from the comments overview. You can edit author data (such as the author email), the comment type and custom fields. As always, a faulty edit action can easily be undone using the undo button!


Edit your column content from the Comments overview


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