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Integration Meta Box and Admin Columns Pro

Apr 7, 2020 | 1 Comment

Admin Columns Pro now supports the popular Meta Box custom field plugin. With the Meta Box integration for Admin Columns Pro, you’ll be able to customize the WordPress list tables for any post type by adding columns for the fields defined in your meta boxes. And with the power of the Admin Columns Pro features, you’ll be able to easily search, inline- and bulk edit, sort and export your data right from the list table. In this way, you are able to manage Meta Box data in a very easy and quick way resulting in significant time-saving.

Endless possibilities with Meta Box

“Create WordPress custom fields and meta boxes in any possible combination you can imagine!’’ (Source: Meta Box)

Adding custom fields to WordPress doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. The simple Meta Box plugin will enable you to build the exact website you want in just a few uncomplicated steps. It’s a must-have toolbox for developers that prefer code over database configuration for managing custom fields related to a website.

Add the power of Admin Columns Pro

After creating the desired Custom Fields with Meta Box, Admin Columns Pro comes along with a bunch of great content management tools. The Admin Columns Pro extension for Meta Box allows developers to show custom fields in the post, terms and user lists in the WordPress admin area. You can set the column position, columns title, make data sortable, searchable, editable and exportable.  All with just a few simple clicks and without leaving the list table page.

Create a customized Custom Fields overview page

Once Custom Fields are defined by MetaBox, the integration with Admin Columns Pro allows them to show in one beautiful overview. Watch the video ‘Basics: Getting Started’ to get a glimpse of all the possibilities Admin Columns Pro has to offer in order to create the perfect list table page.

Manage content fast and easy

Manage all content from Meta Box fast and easy. Use inline- and bulk edit to make adjustments in no time. Use the filtering tool in order to filter and show the desired content. Combine this with the inline edit tool and this specific content can be adjusted very easily.  Sort content descending or ascending with the sorting tool. Or use data for various purposes when exporting it to a CSV file. All in just one overview page!

Local Storage with Admin Columns Pro

Meta Box works smoothly with Admin Columns Local Storage for code-based programming. Local Storage allows easy shipping and migrating column settings between environments. It stores the settings in PHP files and even in a version control system (VCS) to share with your fellow developers. This makes shipping your settings a whole lot easier and keeps data safe. Meta Box and Admin Columns Pro also integrate with any WordPress theme, plugin, or website.

Meta Box feature page

Read more information about the integration of Admin Columns Pro and Meta Box on the feature page.

Love to hear from you

We would love to hear your feedback and opinion. Please tell us what you think of this new integration with Meta Box. Or maybe you would like us to support other premium features. Let us know and we will work on it! Thanks a lot!

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