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The easiest way to manage your WordPress content.


Add, remove and re-order your columns.

Using our drag-and-drop-interface, loved by thousands of users around the world, you gain full control over your posts and other overview screens. Add, remove and re-order any column for posts, users, taxonomies, comments and media. With over 90 columns to choose from including: featured images, custom fields and taxonomies. Create the interface you’ve always dreamed of (if you’re into WordPress that much).

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"Create tailor-made overviews for yourself or your customer with minimal effort"


Sort or filter your columns to find any type of content.

Using filtering (for post types only) and sorting (supported by all content types), you can easily find the piece of content you’re looking for, even in long list of content items.

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"Sort and filter your overview pages to find the content you need!"


Content editing, directly from the posts overview.

Editing your posts has never been easier. By enabling inline editing, supported by pretty much all of our 30+ columns for posts, you can edit your posts directly from the posts overview. And we’re not talking about the shaky “Quick Edit” WordPress features: we’re talking intuitive content-editing for custom fields, featured images, custom taxonomies, comment status, slug and many more.

Oh, and did I tell you the Developer license features full Advanced Custom Fields integration? Yeah, it’s pretty amazing.

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"WordPress Quick Edit on steroids"

We have over 100.000 downloads… this is what some of the users are saying

Outstanding Wonderful plugin, essential to any project involving lots of custom post types and taxonomies. Mannie Schumpert
Terrific Plugin I'm using this to extend the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, and it works really well.

I'm able to display in the WP Admin the custom fields I create with the ACF plugin.

Terrific plugin. tom33us
A plugin for every basic WP setup Very useful plugin! It's easy to use and has a lot of options that works out of the box. If you're used to develop projects with a lot of CPT's, then this plugin is a must-have!

Thanks for the awesome plugin! Diego de Oliveira
Brilliant Works perfectly, intuitive interface, does exactly what I need. 5/5 would install again. mrputter
Indispensible This makes the post listing in WP actually useful.

wow! Just, 'out of the park', wow! cconstantine
Should be part of the WP core This plugin provides essential functionality for your settings pages for POSTS and PAGES in WP admin panel.

Does a great job at adding/removing columns, setting the widths and simple drag-&-drop re-ordering. photoMaldives

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