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Kristopher LaGreca

Smart Filters with serialized data

Hi folks! We’re running into an issue with smart filters and serialized data (see first FAQ here: Our issue is that we have 3 meta columns, and they contain serialized array data (the array contains IDs of related posts) … and we want to filter based on those posts, but the smart filtering feature is treating the serialized data as a literal.

Is this feature still in the works? If so, we’d be happy to help test. Thanks! KL

2 years ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Smart Filtering is performed directly on the database. So if your data is serialized, only searching with the ‘contains’ operator will work and only based on the complete ‘serialized’ string in the database.

For specific columns where we know exactly know how the data is stored, we can apply a more accurate filtering approach, but for global meta columns, this is now possible, unless you write the filtering strategy yourself.

If you want to go that road, you probably will end up writing your own column with specific pro features implementations.

This documentation gives an example of how you can write your own columns:

2 years ago

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