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Show all results when sorting removed in ACP 6.2?


We’ve updated a clients site to ACP 6.2.2 and it looks like the “Show all results when sorting” toggle in the ACP settings has dissapeared.

Is there a per field show all results when sorting now or is this a bug?

Any help is apreciated, cheers Tom

1 year ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

All columns should now show all records, including the one with no value. But another change in 6.0 is that the empty results are always shown at the bottom of the table, no matter the used order. But seeing your message, I suspect you have a column that does not show all the results. If so, can you let me know so we can see if we can change our code to make it work?

More information about this change can be found here:

Announcement: Admin Columns Pro 6

1 year ago

Hi Stefan,

My appologies for not spotting this in the changelog, columns with no data do show at the end of the pagination irregardless of sort order.

Is there any way I can have it so when ordering descending z – a it could show blank entries first.

Also with the pagination there is some strange UX I belive, when I load the users view and sort by a field it shows 1/29 pages @ 14,468 entries (500 per page)


Same number of users and pagination pages on page 2, when I hit page 3 I imagine it adds the “blank field” users to the total user count, it jumps up to 1/32 pages 15,872 items.


1 year ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

There is no way to change the behavior that we changed in 6.0.
We decided that this is the way we wanted sorting to work, also looking at other apps on how sorting is applied.
You could try to filter the post on your field that is empty though.

About the second issue, can you verify how the params in the URL are changed when you go from page 2 to page 3?
Only the page param should change, but I suspect that more params do change when you paginate to the third page.

1 year ago

Hi Stefen,

No worries I’ll advise our client that its just a UX choice of the v6, (checked excel / apple numbers and can confirm same UX functionality)

Must have been an additional filter or something else causing the issues, I’ve just checked again and we’re good its showing the correct number of pages & items

Cheers, Tom !

1 year ago

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