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Is this solved yet? PHP Fatal error: Class 'AC_Column_Post_AttachmentCount' not

PHP fatal error in back-end

500 Error on Pro Activation!

I saw the above to posts related to the error listed in the subject line that I am currently getting. I realize that my license has lapsed (as of Feb 2018), and I’m willing to re-up in order to get support. I was actually already interested due to the new smart filter and bulk edit features. However, the primary reason is to get support on this issue, but I first need assurances that this issue has been fixed.

I believe it is related to this because this is the first time I have re-activated the plugin in a very long time, and had no issues prior to that. Can you assume this is fixed and I will be able to reactivate once I’ve upgraded? I believe my current version is 4.27.


5 years, 1 month ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Hi Blake,

This issue should not exist anymore since all classes have been rewritten and use namespaces now.
And there are no known 500 error issues at this moment.
But if the issue still exists after installing the latest version, I’m happy to help you fix that issue!

5 years, 1 month ago


I upgraded and was able to get past the 500 error. For the benefit of others, the only way I could get past it was to delete the plugin via ftp on the server, then upload the zip file via the admin. FTP pushing the plugin folder in-place–meaning pushing the unzipped folder via ftp–did not work. I got the 500 error each time I tried to login using that method.

Also, for good measure before doing the update, I deleted on the live server both add-ons for ACF and Events Calendar just to be sure, then used the admin interface to upload the latest zip files of each of those.

Seems to be all good. Looking forward to trying the new smart filter and bulk edit features.



5 years, 1 month ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Thanks for letting us know it works as expected now and the extra information for other customers to read.
The problem with FTP uploads (if you’re not using sync) is that sometimes old files will remain on the server. Since we use an autoloader, that could give some issues. So it is always good to remove a folder first before uploading a new plugin folder with FTP. When you update a plugin in WordPress, it does the same.

Enjoy the plugin!

5 years ago

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