The Events Calendar

Add columns to your Event, Organizer and Venue overview pages

The The Events Calendar integration is included with the Business or Developer license.

Events Calendar Integration for Admin Columns

The Events Calendar integration for Admin Columns help you manage your events data from the event, organizer and venue overview screens. Quickly show a filtered overview of events for a specific organizer or venue. Get more information and statistics about your organizers and venues.

Easier Event Management

Admin Columns helps you find events by allowing you to filter on specific event information. Need to find all evens for a specific organizer or for a specific venue? Just want to see all upcoming events in the list? This integration allows you to add a column for almost every event field.

With our inline edit feature you can edit your event data directly from the event overview screen. So no need to spend your valuable time waiting to go to the edit pages, make your changes and go back to the overview pages. Just create a column for your event field, make it editable and you’re good to go.

Custom Event, Organizer and Venue Columns

Admin Columns adds the following columns to the Events Calendar Overview pages which can be sorted, filtered and made editable.

The Events Calendar Columns Sorting
These columns supports sorting
These columns supports filtering
These columns supports inline edit
All Day Event

Costs Column

Displays the price for an event. It takes the currency and position of the currency symbol into account. With filtering enabled it’s possible to filter events on a specific price range.


Duration Column

This column shows a readable duration of the event. Possible values for this column are:

  • 2 hours
  • 3 days
  • 1 month
End Date
Event Categories
Event Date

Event Date Column

This is a custom column for the start or end date. As an improvement on the default start and end date column, you can choose you own date format. This column comes with the following options for filtering:

  • Daily
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Future/Past
  • Range
Hide from Event Listing

This column shows the organizer(s) for an event. It’s also possible to make the organizer link to the edit page.

With inline edit enabled it is possible to select the organizer for an event.

Start Date
Sticky in Month View

Venue column

Shows the venue for an event. By default the name links to the edit page for a venue so you can easily edit the venue directly from the events overview page. The filtering option makes it possible to create a list of events for a specific venue. Of course it’s also possible to sort and edit the venue on the overview page.

Postal Code
State / Province

Events Column

This is a special column for the Venue and Organizer overview pages. It shows the amount of events for the specific Venue/Organizer. You can select to show the count for all events, past events or upcoming events.

The value of this column links to Events page. It will automatically filter events on the venue or organizer you selected.

Upcoming Event