Sorting Your Columns

The sorting feature of Admin Columns helps you to put your content in a meaningful order. You can sort on almost any type of content. Need to know which post uses the most words? Or which images are slowing down your site due to their large size? Sorting helps your find any type of content faster and easier, reducing the time needed to manage your content.

Media overview with custom sortable columns

Sort Any Type Of Content

The sorting feature of Admin Columns works on nearly every column of any content type including users, post types, comments, and taxonomies. It uses the type and formatting of your columns to decide how to sort your data. If you configured your column to display a user’s full name, it will sort alphabetically on the actual name (and not the user ID). Dates work the other way around: you configure any way to display it, Admin Columns will still sort on the actual time.

Users overview with custom sortable columns

Optimized Experience

Admin Columns sorts columns in a human-friendly way. Whether it’s text, dates, numbers or text and numbers combined, we ensure the results are what you expect them to be. We also got you covered when it comes to performance. We minimize the time it takes to sort a column to make sure your admin screens stay performant.

Admin Columns will also store the latest sorted column as your personal preference, so when you come back the content is sorted just the way you left it.


I first described Admin Columns as an “extreme convenience,” but not quite a necessity. That’s true for the most part, until you get used to using it. Then “necessity” starts to creep into your thoughts on the plugin. I keep finding new ways to spice up column screens. Since we liked Admin Columns so much, we went ahead and bought Admin Columns Pro. The inline editing and column sorting/filtering that Pro adds is SO nice. Not to mention the expanded Advanced Custom Fields functionality. When you have as many custom post types and taxonomies as we do, being able to sort by them (and even edit them right in the column view) IS a necessity! Bravo, developers! Bravo!’