Pods Admin Columns Pro

Create columns out of your Pods Custom Fields


Save Time Editing Content

Pods is a content development framework that lets you create and manage custom post types and fields. The WordPress plugin can be used to create new post types, taxonomies, content types, and settings pages.

Admin Columns makes Pods even better by letting you customize the columns that are displayed on overview pages. We know that you will love the improvements we have implemented.

Example of Pods fields

Support for All Pods Types

If you can create and manage something with Pods, you can use Admin Columns to manage it more efficiently.

Admin Columns supports all post types, all taxonomies, custom settings pages, media, users, and comments. Extended post types are also supported.

Support for Pods relation fields

Pods Relationships

Pods lets you manage relationships between post types, taxonomies, users, and more. Admin Columns supports all relationships that Pods offers including Advanced Pods Relationship Field Variations (Pick).


It makes it easier for them (our clients) to do editing and just get information quickly at a glance, and it makes it easier for us too when there are some changes that need to be done and we need sort/filter functionality.

Take Control of Your Content

Make website administration simpler with Admin Columns.

By default WordPress will only show basic information on the overview page for custom content. You may be limited to only the title of the item and the date it was published therefore administration can be difficult.

Admin Columns allows you to assign any field as a column so that you can see a wealth of information on your overview pages.

Edit Everything at Once

Don't work harder, work smarter.

In order to edit content in WordPress you need to edit the page in question, modify your content and then save the page. If you are only editing a few items, this system works well; however if you need to edit many items you will soon find this process cumbersome.

Admin Columns addresses this problem by adding Inline Editing to all of your overview pages. You can add any field you want to overview pagea as a column and then edit fields on the fly. Simple, but effective.

Filter and Sort

Find Content Easily

In addition to inline editing, Admin Columns lets you decide whether columns can be sorted and filtered too so that you find the content you want quickly.

There is no restrictions on how you sort and filter data. You could sort articles by word count or users by age, job title, or location.


When you have as many custom post types and taxonomies as we do, being able to sort by them (and even edit them right in the column view) IS a necessity! Bravo, developers! Bravo!’


Admin Columns Improves Pods

Pods is a great WordPress plugin, but Admin Columns makes it amazing.

Our intuitive column system will help you find information quickly and reduce editing time significantly. You cannot underestimate the time you will save editing content on your website once Admin Columns has been installed.

Ready to Make Your Life Easier?