Multisite Columns

With Multisite Columns, you can see some interesting metrics about your network sites in a glance. You can see just about any piece of information that you would normally only get if you browsed to that network site. Want to see a specific site option (and change it), see which themes and plugins are available and in use? These and many other metrics are available to you and configured in seconds.

A Detailed View of Your Network

We have selected just about any piece of relevant information we could think of and made it into a column. We have created these columns with a single aim: to help you manage your network more effectively.  Have a look at all the columns available on the Network Sites screen:

Network Sites Columns Display Editing
These columns supports inline edit

Actions Column

The actions column will display the action bar that would normally display when you hover the row. There is the option to show a text link or icons.

Actions column

This column will hide the original action bar that is added to the primary column, usually the first column.

Blog ID

Comments Column

Shows how many comments each WordPress network site has.

As a default, the column shows the total number of comments per network site, but you can also show a comment count for a specific status:

  • Total
  • Approved
  • Pending
  • Spam
  • Trash

Site Options Column

The options column for WordPress Multisite Networks shows any value from the site settings.

Each site has its own settings on a WordPress Multisite which can be found on your Network Dashboard > Sites.

The list of options available is really long, over 100 options can be changed on this screen. With the site option column, you can now display any of these value on the overview page. That mean’s you do no longer have to go through each site to see their settings.

Select the option from the column settings:

The column shows the value of each setting on your list of sites:

Edit your site option

The site options can be edited right from the column page itself. Enable inline editing and you can change any site setting.


Site Plugins Column

Shows you which plugins are network activated and which are unique to this network site.

Post Count

Shows how many posts a network site has.

Site ID
Storage Space

Upload Space Column

Uses a graphical display to highlight how much space is used, left and available in total for each WordPress network site.

Storage Space on WordPress Networks


Informs you which theme a network site is using and which themes are available for it.

Last Updated

Manage  Your Network Users

You can manage the users in your network with real ease. Display any piece of content (including custom fields) of your users. Many columns can also be sorted and edited to save you even more time.

Network Users Columns Display Sorting
These columns supports sorting
These columns supports filtering
These columns supports inline edit
Comment Count
Display Name
First Name
Last name
Post Count
Profile Picture
Show Toolbar
User ID
Visual Editor
Custom Field
Advanced Custom Fields

Do you use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin? Then we have the perfect integration for you. With our ACF Column, you can add any field, like text or an image, to your WordPress list table.

Site Role

One License, Unlimited Sites

Would it not be handy if you only had to fill in your license once for all your network sites? (Yes, of course!) In the settings menu of your network, you can activate Admin Columns and have it working for all your network sites.