Import and Export Column Settings

Admin Columns has export and import functionality built directly into the plugin. With this Import and Export Column Settings feature, you can configure your columns locally and then move them to production. It’s also a great way to create a backup or have some default preferences ready.

Import and Export Column Settings

Export & Import

If for whatever reasons you want a copy of your column settings, the export function gives you peace of mind. With just a few clicks you have a copy of your column settings.  You can choose exactly which settings you want to export and in which format. Once you have an export, you can import these settings to any installation running Admin Columns. Also just a few clicks.

Manage Your Settings Locally

If you develop and configure your site locally, you want it to behave the same way on production. By using the export function of Admin Columns you can generate a code snippet that you can paste into your theme or plugin. By doing this you only have to configure your columns once. And since the columns are now in code, it also works nicely with things like Git version control.