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Yoast addon doesn't work


I try to add some new column to the commun WP post PAGE.
Add new -> Type : Yoast SEO -> any Yoast field.

Whatever the Yoast’s field I chose, there is no any new column that appears.
The only way to get these datas is to :
Add new -> Type : Custom Field -> _yoast_wpseo_xxxxxxx

So it partially works.
that’s not very reasuring.

Are you already aware of this issue?
Any ETA?

5 years ago

I’ve noticed a strange things:

The first time I try to add a Yoast Type column, there is only one choice: Primary taxonomy.
Then I save, I refresh, and then if I try to add another Yoast column type, all choices appears: (Primary taxonomy, Meta title, Meta desc, etc.)

maybe that can help..

5 years ago

ok !
it is solved:
once you activate a new Yoast field, you have to go at the top right of the page, and check the box to display the Yoast Field.

5 years ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

A lot of the Yoast columns are disabled (hidden) by default and can be made visible through the screen options menu. I’m glad that this fixes your issue. I will close this topic.

5 years ago

Here’s another thing: For me the INSTALLATION of the Yoast plugin would not even show up at all.
What am I messing?

4 years, 4 months ago

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