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Christopher Heath

Wrong numbers returned in “Users” view

Hi, I’m having an issue with the Users view returning incorrect numbers.

In the Users view there is a list of Roles/Status fields, above the display, that act as filters and show the number of matches found.
But when I look at the actual returned values I see different numbers.

e.g Above shows the ALL with a value of 483 yet in the display itself I only see 423 entries returned.
Similar disparities when looking at Customers (299) actual displayed 277. Participant(471) actual 412.

I have tried deleting my Column set – which gave differing values again. And have Restored the Users view to remove all customisation, yet the discrepancies remain.

How can I get a Users view that returns accurate results?

1 year, 4 months ago
Christopher Heath

Some more investigation.

I think this may be due to a field that has no value.
The Default Users view has a column for “Last Login”. When I export all my users I can see that there are some who have blank values here.

I am sure that Admin Columns used to have an option to show or hide entries that had blank values, but I can’t find that setting anywhere now. Has it been removed? Has a filter been left on the Users view even though I can’t see any set?

Any ideas on how I can reset the view properly back to its default values? ( Despite using the Restore columns option it does not look as though this completely resets the view )

1 year, 4 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

There was indeed an option before that hid all records that had no value for a specific column when the overview was sorted on that column. But if you have the issue, even when had removed the column set, I don’t expect that this old behavior is what could have caused this behavior on your website.

You could try to sort on any column on the overview and see if that changes the number of items found on the overview. And when you see the ‘Reset Sorting’ button on top of the table, you can click it and see if that changes anything. If the issue still persists, can you try to deactivate our plugin and see if you also have the difference in the number of items on the overview?

1 year, 4 months ago
Christopher Heath

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

So sorting on the Last Login column does not change the number returned. BUT sorting a different column did result in the correct number being returned – which includes the Last Login = blank entries.

I deactivated Admin Columns Pro …. and now the returned display matches the filter numbers and everything works as it should.

I reactivated ACpro and now the Users display appears to be correct.

So I assume that this may be a hangover from using the Hide/Don’t hide empty fields from an earlier version.
I will re add all my customisation s and see if the issue returns.


1 year, 4 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Thanks for letting me know.
Changing the sorting in a different column works, so I think you’re right that it was some kind of leftover.
Let me know if you have any further questions.

1 year, 4 months ago

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