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WooCommerce Mix and Match

Hi there,
We’re using the WooCommerce Mix and Match plugin to allow for a parent product that allows the inclusion of a number of additional products as children.
When adding a Product column to the WooCommerce Orders table in admin, it lists the parent product first, followed by each of the child products that were selected as part of the order. I’d ideally like to have just the parent product(s) be added, and not display the children.
Any chance that might be possible?

6 years ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Hi Kevin,

The Order Product column is already quite complex as it is. Making it even more complex by adding more logic to display only parent products (which is not default WooCommerce behaviour) won’t be a good idea in my opinion.

As a workaround to alter the value of a column, you could use the column value hook. But because the value is already quite complex, it would be even better to write your own column and make display exactly what you want, instead of altering the value after we already calculated it.

Of course both methods required some development skills. We do have some documentation and a toolkit to get you started with writing your own column. You can use the Order Product column as an example.

6 years ago

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