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Upgrading from WP 3.9 to 4.3 borks Admin Columns (pesky URL variable)

We’re still stuck with WordPress 3.9 because whenever I attempt to upgrade to 4.x, Admin Columns stops working properly.

Currently, Admin Columns Pro (version 3.5.2) works fine even with a custom post type in WP 3.9.x.

But when I upgrade to WP 4.x, Admin Columns Pro fails to filter pages properly.

Even when I disable all other plugins, trying to use Admin Columns to filter pages gives me a “No pages found.” result despite there being valid options. Changing the filter to a different option at this point then takes me to the Posts listing (/wp-admin/edit.php?s&post_status=all&post_type=post)

In this case, I disabled every other plugin, added a columns on Pages for Page Template, and verified that by default, the list of Pages shows the new column and the correct values. But when I attempt to filter by Page Template, I get the “No results found.”

Is there a known conflict here with WordPress 4.x? Or is there something else I can try?

UPDATE: I’m leaving my original text in here so you can see what my issue was and what I found with it. I discovered that using Admin Columns Pro to filter posts, pages, or a custom post type seems to insert “s&” as the first variable in the url, like this:

Simply removing the “s&” seems to then return a proper filtered search.

Is there something quirky with my installation or is this a desired behavior?

Thanks for any help.

8 years, 8 months ago
Tobias Schutter

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for your clear bug report. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce the pagination error you mentioned. It seems that another piece code might overwrite the WP_Query when ‘s’ is used. Could you try switching to a default theme, like Twenty Fifteen? This will tell us if it’s a theme conflict.

Cheers, Tobias

8 years, 8 months ago

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