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upgrading admincolumns pro

hi, sorry for this (basic) question
we have now version 4.3.8, which will be the best method to upgrade to 4.4?
install 4.4 then delete 4.3.8? delete 4.3.8 first?
thanks for your help

5 years, 7 months ago

let me add some info, (and sorry for my poor english)
we bought the plugin about one year ago, and recently renew the suscription
for another year

I want to note that also is a common practice for us to maintain the plugins and core updated
so it pays our attention that admincolumns did not give us the chance to
upgrade since the 4.3.8 vesion

If anyoune can give us a hand with that will be very usefull.
thanks in advance

5 years, 7 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Hi Alejandro,

Thanks for your message.
The best way to upgrade from Admin Columns 4.3.8 to 4.4 is to
1) Remove 4.3.8 from your installation
2) Manually install 4.4

No settings will be lost during this process.
Unfortunately, the update check in 4.3.8 was broken, so the 4.4 was not recognized in this specific version.
This is fixed in 4.4 so from that version the automatic updates works again.

5 years, 7 months ago

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