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Richard Duncan

Update Conflicts With Elegant Themes


When I attempt to update to the new version of Admin Columns Pro I encounter the following error message.

An error occurred while updating Admin Columns Pro: Your Elegant Themes username or API Key is incorrect. Please update your details in the Settings > General tab. Valid credentials are required to update your theme.

The Elegant Themes API Key is correct, so this is a false error and it should not be appearing on Admin Columns Pro even if Elegant Themes API Key was incorrect.

Can you assist?

Phil D

10 years, 1 month ago

Hey Phil!

That shouldn’t happen, we’ll look into this! I’ll keep you posted!


10 years ago
Richard Duncan

Also, this only occurs when the plugin Elegant Themes Updater is active.

When I deactivate that plugin, then attempting to autoupdate Admin Columns Pro results in an error message saying the update package is not available.

10 years ago

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