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Alvin Entrada

Uncaught ConfigError: Missing filter 7 id


I’ve been trying to make the smart filtering work but I get this ConfigError. I have tried deactivating plugins to see if any of the other plugins are causing any conflicts but I still get the error. Is there anything I am missing?

My site is

query-builder.standalone.min.js?ver=1647869042:7 Uncaught ConfigError: Missing filter 7 id
at Object.h.error (query-builder.standalone.min.js?ver=1647869042:7:7997)
at g.<anonymous> (query-builder.standalone.min.js?ver=1647869042:6:12540)
at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
at g.checkFilters (query-builder.standalone.min.js?ver=1647869042:6:12503)
at new g (query-builder.standalone.min.js?ver=1647869042:6:6715)
at s.fn.init.$.fn.queryBuilder (query-builder.standalone.min.js?ver=1647869042:7:13105)
at e.buildQueryBuilder (table.bundle.js?ver=1647869042:1:36403)
at e.init (table.bundle.js?ver=1647869042:1:36222)
at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (table.bundle.js?ver=1647869042:1:66470)
h.error @ query-builder.standalone.min.js?ver=1647869042:7
(anonymous) @ query-builder.standalone.min.js?ver=1647869042:6
g.checkFilters @ query-builder.standalone.min.js?ver=1647869042:6
g @ query-builder.standalone.min.js?ver=1647869042:6
$.fn.queryBuilder @ query-builder.standalone.min.js?ver=1647869042:7
e.buildQueryBuilder @ table.bundle.js?ver=1647869042:1
e.init @ table.bundle.js?ver=1647869042:1
(anonymous) @ table.bundle.js?ver=1647869042:1

2 years, 2 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

I guess you only have this issue when you filter on a specific column, is that right?
And if so, can you figure out which column this is and share the column settings for that column with me at

2 years, 2 months ago

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