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The Events Calendar = Stock not shown if tickets are not “Shared Capacity”

On the “Events” page in wp-admin, we use ACP to show the “custom fields” of “tribe_ticket_global_stock_level” and “tribe_ticket_capacity” so our client can see the Event’s Stock and Capacity easily.

The trouble is this : If the Event’s ticketing was not set up using the option “Share capacity with other Tickets” – Then the event is said not to use “Global Stock”, Therefore the column “tribe_ticket_global_stock_level” and “tribe_ticket_capacity” do not get populated on the Events page.

Are you able to integrate ACP with TEC so that it will get the actual stock of the tickets, instead of relying on “tribe_ticket_global_stock_level” – which may not be set depending on how the Event’s tickets were set up?

You may need to do some custom code leveraging :

Tribe__Tickets__Tickets::get_event_tickets( $event_id );
Tribe__Tickets__Tickets::get_event_attendees( $event_id );

Best Regards, G.

2 years ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Thanks for your message.
There are currently no plans to update the integration for The Events Calendar to support the Tickets add-on.
I’ve added it to the feature request list, but I’m not sure if we’re going to support it in the future. So until we have specific support for the Ticket add-on the Custom Field column is the only solution at the time.

You could create your own column that has more checks to correctly show the ticket information. And since you already found the necessary methods from TEC to display that information, creating a custom column would not be that difficult. The documentation contains a toolkit to get you started:

2 years ago

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