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Support User taxonomy on User list

Out of the box, WordPress does not support applying taxonomy terms to users.
However, I am using the LH User Taxonomies plugin ( which enables this.
In fact, I am applying *custom* taxonomies to users, wherein the same taxonomies are registered as usable by both posts and users.
It’s all fine.

However, Admin Columns Pro does not let me show this content on a Users list.

In a Post listing, the ACP “Type” dropdown supports both “Taxonomy, which displays a new dropdown showing each of my taxonomies, and “Columns by Plugins”, a drop-down header which shows each of my custom taxonomies.

But, when I try to add this column to a User listing, none of these are displayed.
I understand why – after all, no-one would expect to add a taxonomy to a user.

The closest I have got is to add a Custom Field column to the User listing. Then I can choose my taxonomy from the Custom Field dropdown, named like “_taxonomyname”. But that only shows content in the column like “field_57a123b6d0735”, which I guess is a link/relationship to the actual information.

Any chance you could support this for User listings in the same way you do for Post listings?


7 years, 10 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Hi Robert,

I’ve downloaded the plugin and did a little research on how to support this plugin.
You already noticed that it is not a really common feature and it will take some time to make the Taxonomy column available for users. I’ve created a feature request for this which you can find here:

If you’re a developer, you can also try to create a column yourself, specifically for this plugin. If we’re going to try make a common way to support it, but creating a custom column specifically for this plugin would be not that difficult. You can have a look at this page:

7 years, 9 months ago

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