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Support of collective Field-Column

it would be great if there where a collective field-column. (would work great with ACF fields)

what should this field do:
it contains multiple fields and has an ordering that decides what field should be shown when multiple values are there.
it is basically a container for multiple columns, and it show first found value out of the multiple values.

that means for example:
you can have 3 optional Image fields with different priority: keyvisual, bigimage, sideimage
at backend you wish to have 1 column for a image. and you use a collective-field-column, that contains keyvisual, bigimage, sideimage.
Result => that column shows keyvisual if exist, else if exist the bigimage, else if exist the sideimage , else nothing.
of course it should work regardless of the fieldtype i choose.

if this field isn’t sortable or/and isn’t editable it would be ok.

other great feature would be:
possibility to set the default sortingpreference = orderby and order. (set column and ASC/DESC)

and the possibility to set/save a order at backend that is usable for frontend = orderby “ordering”
(integrate something like “Intuitive Custom Post Order” into this plugin)

8 years, 9 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Hi Stefan,

Fist of all, thank you for your input for our product.
We discussed your feature requests within the team and came to the conclusion that we will not develop both of these features.

I understand both of your wishes and also think this can be very useful for some situations such as yours. But these features are not in line with our focus of our product. We want a product that does 3 things very good: Showing specific content as a column, sorting and filtering on these columns and be able to edit these value from the overview.

We believe your first request will be too advanced for our primary audience. Besides this, this is a great feature for the front-end of a website, but for the back-end this is not really necessary. Besides, the same result can be achieved by adding 3 different columns.

Your second request is too much sorting related. This is a great feature for a specific sorting plugin that focusses on both the back-end and front-end. Our plugin really focusses on just the overviews in the back-end. Besides that our plugin already saves the last sorting preferences of a user on the overview. You can reset these setting with the button ‘reset sorting’. We know there is a small issue with sorting preference in the latest release, but we will fix this as soon as possible.

8 years, 9 months ago

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