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Settings Link broken on Multisite

When a license key is not entered, on the plugins page below the plugin a warning is displayed that says:

“To finish activating Admin Columns Pro, please go to Settings and enter your licence key. If you don’t have a licence key, you may purchase one.”

The word “Settings” is supposed to link to the plugins settings page, but on Multisite installs, this link is broken.

Luckily the settings page can still be accessed, just not through this link.

10 years ago

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your report! At this point, Admin Columns does not have full Multisite integration, which results in unlinked license activations and, apparently, wrong settings links. We’re working on fixing this and we hope tot release the changes a few major versions on!

With kind regards,

10 years ago

Any news on this? Also noticing that once activated on a site within a multi-site it won’t let us update. Says “An error occurred while updating Admin Columns Pro: Update package not available.”

The license has been set for the individual site.

9 years, 10 months ago

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