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Set default sort option

Request1: faster work thanks to sorting sets
I know, the main focus of this plugin is on the overviews in the back-end, and not sort or filter.
But sorting is essential for a faster overview and it would be a great improvement when we are able to set the default sorting preference.
that means: orderby and order. (set 1+ column and ASC/DESC for each Column Set)

i know that the plugin already saves the last sorting preferences of a user on the overview. but i wish if i click reset, that the default ordering is back to the one i need, not the default wp ordering.
that feature combined with he already existing Column Sets would give us great combinations.
then you can switch from one Set to a other to have different columns and different sortings customized to the need you wish. (then more columns you have, then more you can profit from this feature)
if there is a fear that this is to complicate for default user than made a checkbox at settings page to enable that feature.

Request2 : save actual ordering for frontend
Admin Columns is great to display posts with all necessary Columns that would be needed for a custom ordering, the thing Admin Columns cant: is to use that advantage and give me a benefit for the frontpage too.
with the possibility to set/save the actual order at backend (one that is able to work with hierarchical types)
i would get something that is usable for frontend after save. because i can use something like orderby “ordering” at frontend.
(integrate something like “Intuitive Custom Post Order” into this plugin, but with click to save not automatic save)

7 years, 11 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Hi Stefan,

Thank you very much for your input and the requested features.
For your first request, I understand why you would be helped with such a feature. But we find it also important that you can always back to the WordPress default sorting, But I believe we can find a solution for this.
you can find this feature request on Github here:
We will discuss this within the team to see if we can add this feature to the plugin.

For the second request I did not create a feature request. Setting the order for the frontend is not something that we believe should be in our plugin as our focus should be on the backend of WordPress. Besides that we believe that things like sorting and filtering on the frontend should alway be written explicitly for a specific theme instead of being set automatically in a plugin.

7 years, 11 months ago

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