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Searching on User field doesn’t work


we created a platform based on WordPress with custom post types and custom fields via ACF.

We have one custom post type table called “subscriptions” and we added here the user field among other user defined fields.

If we search after user names or user email addresses (which are stored in this user field) the result is always empty. If the user would be, we would expect to find this (and similar) user(s) by entering “user” or “example” or “” or the full “”, but in every case the result is empty.

We need this feature quite often so it would be very helpful if you can add this feature soon.


9 years ago
Tobias Schutter

Hi Ralf,

Thank you for your suggested feature. This has been requested before, but at this moment we don’t think this functionality fits Admin Column scope, and would be better of as it’s own seperate add-on/plugin. If we have any updates on this, you’ll find it on github.


9 years ago

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