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Richer "Bulk Edit" for ACF taxonomy?

On post admin lists, the “Bulk Edit” button, on a Taxonomy column, is a lot more meaningful than on a term admin list.

For example, on my “Articles” admin list, when I multi-select posts and click “Bulk Edit” for my “Topics” taxonomy column, I have add/replace/remove capability…

However, I also have a taxonomy, “Organisations”, whose terms also take a linkage to “Topics” terms, also made visible via an ACP column…

Now, if I want to Bulk Edit those Topics, unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to choose add/replace/remove…

This means any Bulk Edits I do here will overwrite any existing Topics terms already applied to Organisation terms. My intention was for the Bulk Edit to be additive.

Note – my Organisations terms take Topics terms via Advanced Custom Fields. An ACF “taxonomy” field for Topics is applied to Organisations. So this isn’t directly a taxonomy column. It is an ACF column. Still, in the ACP setup, Bulk Edit is enabled…

It would be nice if it had add/replace/remove so it was as rich as the native equivalent.


6 days, 13 hours ago

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your feedback. It great to know that you use our new Bulk Edit addition for terms.
I completely understand your request and I think that it would be a good addition to our plugin.
It’s not something that can only apply to ACF taxonomy fields, but it would also work on any multiple selection fields. Just made a feature request for it so we can investigate how much time it would cost to implement this for the ACF integration, to begin with.
Thanks again for your input on this!

4 days, 16 hours ago

Good work, as ever.
I’ll follow the issue.

4 days, 15 hours ago

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