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Relationship Field for WP Types Add-On

Hi. The ACF add-on supports related fields. Please provide similar functionality for WP Types add-on. Thanks

7 years ago
Tobias Schutter

It’s already on our roadmap for a future release, you can track it’s progress on github if you like.

7 years ago

That’s great news. Thanks for following up.

7 years ago
Stephan Maria


6 years, 10 months ago

Hi. Has WP Types Add-On been updated to work with the new relationship scheme in Toolset 3.x? I am running Toolset Types 3.0.1 and Admin Columns Pro 4.2.9 with Admin Columns Pro – Toolset Types 1.2.1. The combination is not working properly. Changes made in the admin column view are not reflected in the post edit screen and vice versa. This issue only affects RELATIONSHIP fields (many:one and many:many).

Thank you for your assistance.

5 years, 11 months ago

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