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Andy Garard

Profile Builder Pro and Paid Member Subscriptions

Hi there,

We are using both Profile Builder Pro and Paid Member Subscriptions to develop a membership site for our client. PB Pro is being used to register the member as well as create custom fields within the user profile area. We are also utilising ACF to tweak as needs be.

This first aspect, i.e. the PB Pro workflow, integrates very nicely with your plugin… displays and filters all the relevant information within the Users table. The client simply works within this area whenever they need to update the user|members information.

However, we would also like to display select PMS meta in relevant columns e.g. ‘Expiration date’ and|or ‘Status’ etc.

Any ideas on how we could achieve this would be greatly appreciated?

Would it be possible to get some direction in regard to best practices in regard to the previous scenario?
We have looked at utilising Gravity forms, Pods, and ACF as a secondary scenario, as we have used these products on other projects…

Thanks in advance, Andy

3 years, 1 month ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

1. Based on your message, I suspect that the information from PMS is not stored in the user meta data. The only option in that case to display the information is to create your own columns, ideally in some sort of integration. You can have a look at our integrations how we do that in combination with a column template that helps you to create your own columns.

2. As you probably know we have integrations for ACF, Pods, and in the near future Gravity Forms as well. If you want to support PMS you’ll need to write your own columns. I think it would definitely help to look at what we do in our integrations.

3 years, 1 month ago

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