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Elod Czako

Product variables bulk edit?

Hi guys,
I know I have opened an other ticket, but this is at least as important as the other one.
Is this plugin capable to edit the sale price of product variables en mass? So not one-by-one opening the products and editing the product variable but changing the price of 20 product’s 60 variable with a set percentage?
Currently I can not edit it from the ‘All Products’ field and if I go to the ‘Product Variations’ I can’t filter it normally based on the parent product. Actually I can’t filter the product variations at all, except some senseless features.
How can I filter them by parent item’s features? Category? Attribute? Tag?


4 years ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

It is not possible at this moment to filter product variation based on parent product features. That will add another layer of complexity to our product since you’re trying to filter on related post properties, which is not something that our plugin can do at the moment.

Changing the sales price in bulk is possible, but not based on the price of the main product.
It is only possible to change the price based on the variation original price (if it has any).

4 years ago
Elod Czako

ok, thanks

4 years ago

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