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Kenny McCune

Product Details Filter

While the plugin allows me to set Product Details for WooCommerce orders as a filter, when I attempt to filter with it, it changes the dropdown menu item to “[Object object]” and then nothing shows up as an option for it or anything else on the Orders page once clicked.

1 month ago


That does not sound right. Can you post a screenshot of your settings and the results? If you don’t want to share it here on the forum feel free to drop me a pm on

Hope to hear from you so we can solve this for you!


1 month ago
Pavan Achuta

Getting a similar issue except it doesn’t even show any products when I add product as a filter and try to search for one.

1 week, 2 days ago

@pavan Do you have any errors in your console when searching for products?
And do you see the object string in the filter?
Otherwise, I believe this is a different issue and I like you to contact me at with some more debug information so I can help you further.

1 week ago
Pavan Achuta

It doesn’t show the products when I try to select them to get filtered –

1 day, 12 hours ago

I could have a look for you if you send me the login to your website.
Please send it to

21 hours, 29 minutes ago

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