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pods – relationships


When using a pods field that is in fact a relationship there’re a couple of issues:
1. If I enable filtering the default “top label” is using the singular field name while in pods there’s a plural also (“All Type” vs “All Types”). The default (if I don’t override it) is also not being updated after updating the value in the label field.
2. A relationship field value list can be filtered in PODS so that only a subset of the options will be displayed as available options (aka Customized WHERE). If I enable inline editing I see all values as if there’s no filter defined.


7 years, 9 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

Thank you very much for your feedback. I’ve looked into these issues and I will post my findings below

1. This is pretty much how all of our columns work. The top label is always determined by the label of the column. So when I rename the label of my column to ‘Test’ the default top label will be ‘All Test’. Since this is user input we cannot determine the plural or singular value for this field. There is a field in the Pods setting ‘Default select text’ but I think this field is not applicable for the top label for filtering.

About your issue that the default is not being updates, I think this is cache. We cache the filter dropdown values for a minute. So I expect when you reload the page after a minute, the label is updated.

2. Unfortunately we cannot support the WHERE, JOIN and GROUP options that are available in Pods because this is not possible in our own API right now. We use our own get_post function to get the correct dataset. We’re able to set the default options for get_post but unfortunately it is not possible to alter the query with where etc. It turns out that there is also a field ‘Post status’ which we can use so I’ve build in this support. Strangely enough this does not seems to work in Pods at all. For Example when I only can select private posts, it does not save on the edit page.

7 years, 9 months ago

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