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Marius Romascanu

plugin is losing setting

hello there,
I have enabled acf addon, setup filters and all was good.
After a git push update to our theme, acf addon was disabled and all custom filters was lost.

How can I prevent this behaviour?


2 years, 6 months ago
Stefan van den Dungen Gronovius

The integrations will check if they are compatible with the installed ACP version and vice versa.
It sounds that that you’ve updated the ACF integration but not the core plugin or otherwise.
That said, if the ACF integration is not active, the ACF columns will not be available/visible in the column settings. But as long as you do not save the column settings without the ACF columns, the columns will be available again once both plugins are activated and compatible with each other.

How can you prevent this behavior?
Make sure to check if the ACP and ACF integration are compatible if you update the plugins on a local environment before you push/commit your changes to GIT.

2 years, 6 months ago

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