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Odd column-set issue/bug with user role limitations

There is an odd issue with column-sets in my installation of ac-pro.
I can create sets for specific post-types and limit them to specific user roles or user ids. However

a) simply calling the post-type edit-screen with the respective user-role will not automatically show the column-set designated for that user role. Even if a column set for a specific user role has been created, the edit screen will initially default to the standard column set *UNLESS* the specific layout for the user role has been called *ONCE* with the layout ID included.

EG – calling

as user role ‘author’ will yield the standard set until the url

has been called (“layout=5b6263bed9d91” being the column set created for “Authors”) .
From then on, simply calling

will suffice again to get the correct column-set for the ‘author’ role.

This is will work across browsers, so it doesn’t appear to be some caching issue.
Needless to say that this is annoying, and requires to call *all* created screens with IDs.

b) since the easiest way to get the URL with the layout ID included is the “VIEW” button next to the post type selector, I also came accross the following bug: when a role-/ID-based limitation for a column-set has been set, I, as admin, am not able to see the column set I created when clicking on “VIEW”. The url will be called but the displayed column-set is always the standard column set, this is very counter-intuitive.

1 year, 2 months ago

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