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Multisite: Sub site filters populating with data from other sub sites.

I’m using Admin Columns for a youth sports database. This organization has many franchises that we have organized into subdomain sites within a WordPress Multisite. The issue is that the dropdown filter fields for Admin Columns are being populated with data from other franchises within the organization. It is inconsistent, but frequent. For instance, Texas franchise has the sports Soccer, Girls Volleyball, and Baseball, but their “sport” dropdown shows only Elite Volleyball, Basketball, and Football, which belong to our North Phoenix league.

I have disabled caching and the issue is still present. Please advise on what we ought to do.

1 month ago

There is no column or code in our plugin that intentionally loads columns or data from other sub-sites so at this moment I have no idea what could cause this. Can you send me a screenshot of your columns and filters that give this odd result? Can you also send me a list of the plugins that you’re using so I can have an idea where to look in our code? Please send the additional information to

1 month ago

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